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Sod Installation Services

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A lush, green lawn is every homeowner’s dream. But for some, it’s a struggle to maintain a half-decent yard, and the lawn might end up dead. If you can’t restore it, a reseeding process or the sod installation route might be necessary.

Sod gives you an instantly green lawn, unlike seeding, which takes 14-30 days to germinate. When installing sod, it’s advisable to get sod installation services for guidance on the best practices and care regimen to follow.

Sod Installation Process


Sod installation is a multi-step process. The first is an evaluation of your yard. During the assessment, you measure the yard and evaluate the quality of the topsoil.

The evaluation also involves analyzing the conditions that contributed to the death of your lawn. These could be poor soil quality, inadequate sunlight, and poor choice of grass.

The next step involves preparing your lawn for sod application by removing dead grass and debris from your yard.

Once the lawn is clear, the next step is tilling the soil. Tilling is the most time-consuming yet critical step in the sod installation process. Tilling aims to loosen the topsoil that could have become compacted and break up the soil.

This ensures that the soil is well-aerated and soft enough to allow the sod roots to anchor themselves. During tilling, even out your lawn to prevent dips that make mowing and drainage difficult.

After tilling the soil, it’s time to lay down the sod. Ideally, you should buy new sod after tilling your yard, as sod has a short shelf-life of about 48 hours. You should also order about 5% more than you anticipate using.


Ensure you choose the right type of sod for your soil type, climate, and needs. Keep in mind these factors when selecting sod:

  • Your geographical area and climate

  • Soil pH

  • Required maintenance (time, cost, and effort)

  • The amount of sunlight your yard receives


If you’re unsure, look for sod companies in Knoxville, TN, to help you identify the best sod types suitable for the region.

Once you’ve bought the right sod for your lawn, the next step is to lay it down. Water your lawn before laying the sod down.

Start laying the sod at the straightest edge of your lawn. Pat any air pockets from the sod as you roll it out, ensuring you do not step on the freshly laid sod.


Align the rest of the sod to the first straight sod. You can use a knife to cut out holes or shape the sod around sprinklers and other landscaping features around the yard.

Man installing rolls of sod
  1. Evaluation

  2. Preparation

  3. Tilling

  4. Install

Fresh sod being installed over mud


Proper Care Procedures


Whether you hire sod installation services or install your sod, you’ll need to take good care of your new sod to ensure it gets established.

Watering New Sod


Watering is the most critical step you can take to help your newly laid sod survive. Without the correct watering, your new sod and its roots will dry. On the other hand, too much water will kill sod.

Watering should be about balancing the water needs based on your irrigation system, your climate, and your soil type.

For instance, if you live in warmer climates or lay sod in summer, you will have to water your lawn more. Similarly, your new sod will need more water if your yard has sandy soil.

When watering, don’t fall for the temptation to overwater your lawn, just water enough to wet the roots. This ensures that the roots have enough moisture but not too much that they die.

Avoid watering the lawn in the evening after sundown, as it creates the risk of overwatering.

Walking on New Sod


Tempting as it might be, you should not walk on freshly laid sod. You should leave the sod undisturbed until the roots establish and entrench themselves firmly into the ground. Walking in the yard too soon can cause soil compaction and root failure.

Mowing New Sod


Mowing new sod is encouraged as it facilitates lateral growth, which allows the sod pieces to interconnect.

New sod takes about 15 days for the roots to take hold. You can mow your new sod within the first three weeks, but before you do that, you must check to confirm that your lawn is establishing itself as expected and that the grass has established itself.

The goal of mowing new sod is to cut the topmost leaf blades without pulling the sod from the ground or cutting it too low. Therefore, you should set your mower in the highest possible setting.

Fertilizing New Sod


You should fertilize your sod to promote healthy growth. It’s advisable to start fertilizing after six weeks of sod installation. This timeframe might vary depending on when you lay the sod and how fast the roots establish.

If your sod had trouble establishing itself, wait until new growth emerges before you start fertilizing your lawn. The specific fertilizer you use will depend on the sod type and the soil in your yard. You can ask the sod installation provider who laid the sod for fertilizer recommendations.

If you laid new sod in the winter, you must wait until it greens in the spring.

Benefits of Sod


The outright benefit of sod installation is the shortened time it takes to have a fully established lawn. Whereas starting a lawn with seed can take up to six months, a lawn with sod only takes a few weeks to thrive.

Sod is great for slope stabilization and erosion control. Once applied, it can prevent the ease with which soil moves. It also takes the sod roots about two weeks to establish themselves, providing more erosion control.

It’s also effective at preventing dust and mud in your yard, which often ends up inside your home.

Sod offers flexibility when you lay it down. Unlike seed requiring peak germination time, you can install sod anytime.

Working With a Sod Installation Company


Although sod installation is something you can do yourself, missing any steps, especially in the preparatory stages, can be a costly mistake that derails your efforts to establish your lawn.

Don’t gamble with your lawn’s aesthetics. Contact Out of Eden Garden Center for sod installation services. We have years of experience when it comes to lawn care, and we guarantee quality sod installation. We’ll walk you through all the steps of sod installation, helping you avoid the common mistakes people make when laying sod.


How long does it take to install 500 sq ft of sod?

It takes around one hour for one person to install 500 sq ft of sod.

Is it cheaper to lay sod or turf?

Turf seed is much cheaper than sod, but you’ll have to wait a few months for it to grow.

Is installing sod difficult?

Installing sod is not difficult, but if you’re not a professional you might miss something important without realizing it.

How long does it take to install a pallet of sod?

A pallet of sod is around 600 sq ft, so it takes a bit over an hour to install.

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