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The Premier Garden Center and Nursery in Maryville, TN

Updated: Aug 12, 2022

If you are looking for a gardening service or nursery in Maryville, TN for your property, you’re in luck. At 2928 US Highway 411 South Maryville is Out of Eden Garden Center, Maryville’s premier garden center and nursery.

flower bed

At Out of Eden Garden Center, we take pride in being the state’s biggest gardening center. We offer a large selection of different plants that are perfect for both indoor and outdoor environments. We’ve served the residents of Maryville, as well as those in Knox, Blount, and Loudoun Counties.

Since our founding in 1999, we’ve grown and nurtured a reputation in the community, catering to the gardening and horticultural needs of many homes. Read on to learn more about the services that have added color and vibrance to the homes and businesses in Maryville.

Landscaping and Nursery in Maryville, TN

One of our flagship services is landscaping. Our landscaping services include consultation, designing, and installation.

When you call us for our landscaping service, we’ll come to your home to discuss what you want your property to look like. From here, we design based on your inputs and proceed with the installation of your choice.

Our landscaping can do more than add a beautiful outdoor space to your home. Hire us for landscaping, and you’ll be adding curb appeal to your property. On top of that, you’ll draw many eyes in the neighborhood as your home exudes the colors of spring.

Hardscaping That’s Easy and Tailored to Your Outdoor Space

Not every home has a garden. Sometimes, homes in Maryville have concrete patios with only small plots for plants and flowers. If this sounds like your home, call us for our hardscaping services.

During the consultation, we’ll go into detail about what we can add to your outdoor space — whether it’s a concrete patio or a fire pit. Besides showing our gardening and nursery offerings, we’ll also incorporate your input into our hardscaping design. This way, you get a new look for your outdoor space that’s as unique and special as you are.

Our hardscaping includes everything from consultation to installation. Book a consultation for hardscaping today, and let us add life to your outdoor concrete spaces.

Small Engine Maintenance in Maryville, TN

Pressure washers, weed eaters, leaf blowers, and other gardening machines can break with years of use or neglect. For this reason, you will need small engine maintenance at some point.

Our maintenance services are carried out by our skilled technicians ready to take your inquiries and calls when your machines need TLC.

Here’s a list of machines we typically tend to (but anything with a small gas engine we can work with):

  • Self-propelled lawn mowers

  • Riding lawn mowers

  • Grass trimmers

  • Motorized hedge cutters

  • Blowers.

In short, if your gardening machine has an engine, we’ve got the maintenance services for it. Call our technicians now for small engine maintenance that adds years to your gardening machines.

Small Engine Repair To Get You Gardening Again

Of course, you might also need to get one of your gardening machines fixed. Besides carrying out small engine maintenance, our technicians also render small engine repairs.

Our technicians carry out non-warranty small engine repairs for all garden machines like leaf blowers and lawn mowers. If your gardening tools or machines stop running, we’re here to fix it. Call our expert technicians today for small engine repairs that are quick, effective, and inexpensive.

A Nursery in Maryville, TN With All the Products You Need for Your Garden

If it’s good for your garden, we’ve got it in-store. We offer everything from pesticides to garden mulch. We also have available:

Not only do we have the gardening products you need, but we also deliver them. If you need gardening products on your doorstep, don’t hesitate to reach out.

Be Inspired With Premier Gardening and Landscaping From the Largest Nursery in Maryville, TN

At Out of Eden Garden Center, we offer more than gardening services. We deliver inspiration and life through our services and products.

Experience what our green thumbs can do for your property in Maryville, TN. Reach out now for all your gardening and nursery needs.

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