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Custom Laser Engraved Rocks

Whether you aim to enhance the overall appeal of your home or you’re simply interested in creative, modern, and fun things to do, you’ll want to learn more about laser engraved rocks. How do these work? What can you do with them, and how do they add value to your property?

Read on to know the answers to your questions about laser engraved rocks.

Laser Engraved Rocks and How To Make Them

First, to make sure that the finished product doesn’t get distorted by curves, place the rock on a flat surface. Laser engraving rocks with polished textures or extremely smooth surfaces have the best outcomes, but you can laser-cut all stone types.

You can also laser engrave natural stones using a round surface. You just have to position them on a horizontal plane. To help you with this process, you can use modeling clay or other support. To keep the engraving uniform when focusing the laser, use an average value of the engraving area.

From marble stones in different colors to mosaic tiles with river pebbles, you have several options to choose from. You might want to soak the mat in warm and soapy water to disintegrate the adhesive that binds the stones together. This way, you can have several small pieces of stones for low-cost laser processing.

Before you start engraving, check the nozzle opening as it might be clogged from stone dust, thus blocking the path of the laser. Use a cloth to wipe the nozzle or rinse it with water. Then, check the mirror and lens functions at intervals while engraving.

You might also want to clean the rocks before starting laser engraving. This helps eliminate any dirt or debris from the stone. Washing the object after laser engraving will also get rid of any possible stone dust. Moreover, cleaning the rocks before and after the laser process will allow you to create a beautiful contrast.

Consider adjusting the Z-offset value too. A minimal change in the value can help enhance the engraving outcomes. For instance, you can offset values of -1 mm and +1 mm and compare the outcomes. Use a negative offset value for very hard stones to bring in more power to the engraving area.

Uses of Custom Engraved Rocks

Laser engraved rocks have several uses. These include memorials or tombstones for both people and pets. You can also use these as desk accessories. Custom engraved rocks can be used to identify objects with serial numbers and other unique designs. They can add a personal touch to furniture, jewelry, and several other objects.

Moreover, laser engraved rocks can be easily used as unique neighborhood signage. They add value and personality to your property given their personalized designs. Custom engraved rocks enhance your home’s curb appeal, especially when you choose various colors for these rocks, from natural brown to unique pinks. Compared to vinyl or plastic signages, they’re more environmentally friendly too.

Take Advantage of Laser Engraved Rocks’ Versatility

From creating unique logos, signages, gifts, to home decors, custom engraved rocks offer several uses and benefits. You can use different types of stones and designs depending on your needs and preferences, so start using them at home or in your office today.

If you are interested in ordering laser engraved rocks/boulders to personalize your home, contact us here at Out of Eden to place your custom order today!


How do you laser a rock?

To laser a rock, prepare the stone that you will use and place them on a flat surface. Then, find a design that you want to be engraved on the stone. Get the laser engraver, and start engraving. Some laser engravers might not have a perfect output, so you may need to do some manual adjustments to perfect the finished product.

Can a Glowforge engrave rock?

Which power lasers engrave stones?

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