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Organic Mulch 

Mulch Area Calculator Available Below

Organic mulch is the perfect addition to any landscaping or hardscaping project. Our organic mulch comes in three different varieties and is priced per Bobcat Loader scoop. A standard truck bed can hold 1 or 2 scoops, and we can also deliver our organic mulch in bulk (up to 12 scoops of mulch per trip). We are proud to offer top quality bulk mulch for Knoxville, TN, and the surrounding areas!


Standard Mulch

Our Standard Grade Mulch is a coarse mulch composed of shredded hardwood. This is the least expensive of our mulches and generally what contractors use.


Premium Mulch

Premium Mulch is a rich brown tone that helps to bring out the color in your landscape beds. This is our top seller and what our Landscape Design crews use when doing installations.


Black Mulch

Black Mulch provides moisture and weed control, suitable for both evergreens and deciduous plants. This is another big seller that brings out the color in your beds.


Mulch Calculator

Simply enter the length and width of your project and estimate your depth, then we will automatically calculate your square footage and the approximate mulch scoops needed to complete your project!



We Deliver!

Out of Eden now offers bulk mulch delivery in three counties! Serving Maryville and the greater Knoxville area, we are the perfect choice for your organic mulch and landscaping needs.


Answers to our most commonly asked questions about organic mulch, mulch blowing services and the installation of mulch. If you still cannot find the answer you are looking for, please contact our experienced team for assistance.

How much does blown in mulch cost?

Whilst we don't offer mulch blowing services, the price would typically depend on the cost of the mulch product, transportation to your location, and the labor required for installing your mulch.   

How much does it cost to have bark blown in?

As mentioned, we don't offer mulch blowing services including bark, as part of our organic mulch products. As with all services however, the cost of the product, transportation and labor will all be components that determine the cost of having bark blown in.  

Is blown mulch cheaper?

No, not necessarily cheaper. The machine to blow mulch will cost you money to either own / rent and/or have someone operate.

Is there a machine to spread mulch?

Whilst there are mulch spreader machines currently on the market, the most effective tool we believe is a bow rake due to its ability to easily break up the mulch material when when spreading it out and the mulch will look much more uniform and attractive.

Can you recommend mulch blowing services near Maryville TN?

We don't have a recommended mulch blowing service provider, but there are many in the Maryville and greater Knoxville area that can easily be found online.


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