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Flower Arrangements for Funeral Service

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When someone passes, flowers are a beautiful way to honor their memory and express your condolences. Finding the right flower arrangement can take some time, and Out of Eden is dedicated to helping you create the perfect tribute for your loved one. 

We serve Maryville and Knoxville, TN, delivering custom flower arrangements for funerals so you won’t have to lift a finger. Contact us if you need a convenient funeral flower delivery service, and we’ll help you get started.

What Kind of Flower Arrangement is Appropriate for a Funeral?


Flower arrangements for funeral services are usually larger displays that can be placed on an easel or used as table decorations during the wake. Wreaths, standing sprays, and more simple flower arrangements are appropriate for honoring the departed’s life. You can display wreaths and standing sprays on easels, while smaller flower arrangements make incredible table decorations. 


Wreaths can be small or large and typically include flowers and greenery in a circular shape. Roses, lilies, chrysanthemums, or carnations in light colors are great in floral wreaths. Standing sprays are more dramatic arrangements that diffuse outward from a central focal point. These arrangements can feature lilies, roses, and decorative palm fronds or ferns.


Is There a Difference Between Funeral Flowers & Sympathy Flowers?


Flower arrangements for funeral services are large and get sent directly to the funeral home. The family can display funeral arrangements during the wake and graveyard services as a tribute to the departed. Rather than addressing any family member individually, they honor the deceased themselves. Since they're more formal, it's best not to send these to grieving people's homes or work. 


Sympathy flowers are small or medium flower arrangements with a message of sympathy directly to the bereaved. Potted plants also make an excellent sympathy arrangement because the family will always be able to have it as a keepsake of the sender's kindness. These simple arrangements can be used as decorations as centerpieces or on tables for years to come. 


Sympathy Flowers


Sympathy flowers are usually light-colored and muted to express respect for the deceased. Any shade of white or pastel tones, like a soft peach or lavender, is a beautiful way to show your care and concern. 


These guidelines aren’t set in stone, though. You might send flowers that honor the departed in colors and styles they would have liked. You can commemorate bolder personalities with bright and sunny colors that will bring a smile to their loved ones' faces. But when in doubt, lighter shades are always a classic. 


What Flowers Symbolize Grief?


You might be surprised to learn the symbolism behind different types of flowers. Dark red roses express grief and can be given in sympathy or funeral arrangements to honor the family and express empathy. But the bereaved might appreciate some other flowers with similar meanings. 


Carnations, like roses, are a symbol of tenderness and warmth. They make a great memorial for mothers and those with children. If you want to encourage, choose chrysanthemums for your arrangement. Gifting someone a bouquet of gladiolus honors their strength of character and gives them an uplifting message of hope. 


Popular Funeral Flowers


Lilies and roses are two of the most popular flowers used in flower arrangements for funeral services. White lilies symbolize rebirth and renewal, offering a message of hope to the deceased’s grieving loved ones. They are especially appropriate if the deceased was a person of faith, as lilies have a spiritual significance. 


Roses are universally loved for funeral arrangements because they represent love and affection. White roses symbolize innocence and respect for the departed. Yellow roses symbolize platonic ties and can be given to grieving family members to show your devotion. Give dark red roses that symbolize sorrow as a symbol of empathy. 

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Cards for Funeral Flowers


Simple messages are sufficient to let the recipients know you are thinking of them. The family might have many cards to read, so keep things short and sweet. They might also appreciate a memory or a brief story about the deceased to make it more personal. 


When sending a flower arrangement and message, try to avoid making it a competition about who can send the largest or most expensive flowers. Be respectful to the family and keep the focus on the deceased. Avoid cliches like "everything happens for a reason" or vague and insincere statements of support. Instead, offer what you are willing to do and let them know you're thinking of them.

What To Do With Flowers After a Funeral


After funeral flowers have served their purpose, throwing them away can feel wasteful and uncaring. Once the service is over, you can take the flowers home and display them in fresh arrangements. You can deconstruct the original designs and arrange them in jars and vases to your liking. 


If there are too many for you to use at home, you can donate these fresh arrangements to churches, community centers, or nursing homes. That way, their beauty can bring a smile to others’ faces. Just be sure to contact them first to see if they’ll accept them. 

Preserving Funeral Flowers


You can preserve the memory of your departed loved one by creating a memorial keepsake from the flower arrangements used at their service. You can dry or press flowers and create jewelry, candles, or framed art pieces that will last a lifetime. Another idea is to make small gifts, like bookmarks or ornaments, to thank those who attended the service and gave flowers.


Final Thoughts


It might be hard to know how to help the family when someone passes away. Sending flowers directly to the grieving family or for display at the funeral is a small way to let them know you care. If you're looking for the perfect custom flower arrangement for a funeral, contact Out of Eden today, and we'll be happy to help you get started.

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