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Custom Pottery

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Find the Perfect Custom Pottery for Your Home in Knoxville & Maryville, TN


One of the most critical parts of creating an entryway or stoop that will wow your neighbors involves picking out the appropriate plant life, and your greenery will need a stylish home to reside in. 


Our custom pottery is the perfect decor for any front porch or garden that needs something special to help express your unique charm.


Custom Pottery For Your Home


Finding the perfect pottery designs to bring your vision to life can be challenging. With all sorts of options, it can still be tough to pick a selection that will create the look you are searching for. 


Custom pottery is the ideal solution to this issue. You can choose from a wide range of styles that perfectly suit your front stoop or entryway. Each of our pots gets carefully crafted to fit your individual greenery's needs without sacrificing style. 


Here are a few things to consider when selecting the ideal customizations for your pottery.



The shape of your pottery will play a dramatic role in how your entryway looks. Do you prefer longer, sweeping curves? Or are you considering something lower to the ground? These will play a role in the result for your porch.



Size is another detail you must pay attention to when selecting your pottery. If the space you are working with is relatively small, you should avoid over-large pots or plants that could make the area look overgrown or diminished. Try to find a size that will complement the rest of your façade.



You will also want to consider texture. Different materials will give your pottery a specific look. Rougher materials tend to create a more natural look for your plants to settle in, whereas smoother pottery can give your home a modern vibe. 

Color and Design 


Color and design are fun ways to give your house something unique to look at. We make it easy to find the perfect style to highlight your front porch and set it apart from your neighbors.

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Crafted by Experts


Landscaping is our passion. We are committed to bringing people the highest quality products to help them design an outdoor space they can be proud of. We know what plants need to thrive and how to help you assemble something special.


Our professionals know how critical every detail can be when creating a home for your plants. From common problems like root rot to pot binding, we keep all of these issues in mind when crafting our top-quality pottery and can help you navigate the complicated world of landscaping and plant care. 

Exceptional Quality & Service


Out of Eden is dedicated to helping you build a home you love, whether you need custom pottery or a little help laying down a new path. 

From affordable pricing to knowledgeable professionals that will be there for you every step of the way, it is our joy to bring our services to the people of Maryland and Knoxville, Tennessee. Get in contact with our experts today to start planning your next project.

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